Exhibited in Surface, Gaffa Gallery, July 2017

Fabric, light, fish line
200.00 × 250.00 × 5.00 cm

In real life, everything is not only felt by one sense. When you experience life with multiple senses, it leaves a lasting impression on your mind. People usually just stand and look at artworks but how about art that can be felt and held?
Go for hope is an installation made of fabric, fishing line and glue and light. Inspired by stage design, layouts, light and objects are applied to produce the new space. In this created room, the viewer is immersed into a new world and is encouraged to touch the artwork, accentuating their feelings by combining the senses of sight and touch.
The concept of the artwork is to encourage people to believe there is always hope in the future. The main part of the installation is a rectangular, hand stitched fabric which bears different textiles. The textiles transition from roughness on the edges to softness in the center. In the center, light shines through the fluffy cotton, which resembles our hopes for the future.
The middle cotton component is situated in a corner while the rest is pinned on both adjacent sides of the wall. This form provides the viewer with an isolated space to feel and observe the artwork. When viewers walk towards the light, they can feel the textile becoming softer with their hands.

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